2018/2019: Mixed Autumn: Week next

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Premier A
No Matches Found
Premier B
12 Dec (Wed)Workout Harbourside B8v10University of Bath 1DetailHistory
Premier C
12 Dec (Wed)Thornbury B15v7University of Bath 2DetailHistory
Division 1
13 Dec (Thu)Workout Harbourside D0v19University of Bristol BallersDetailHistory
12 Dec (Wed)University of Bath 32v19Westbury David Lloyd BDetailHistory
11 Dec (Tue)Keynsham A15v6University of Bath 3DetailHistory
12 Dec (Wed)University of Bristol Ballers19v0Weston Squash and Racketball Club String StrokersDetailHistory
11 Dec (Tue)Weston Squash and Racketball Club String Strokers12v17University of Bristol BallersDetailHistory
Division 2
12 Dec (Wed)David Lloyd Battle Oats1v18University of Bristol ChiefsDetailHistory
10 Dec (Mon)Chew Valley Winter A3v19University of Bristol ChiefsDetailHistory
Division 3
13 Dec (Thu)Kingswood - Team U9v16Thornbury CDetailHistory
12 Dec (Wed)BAWA B16v7University of Bath 4DetailHistory
10 Dec (Mon)Yate A19v0University of Bath 4DetailHistory
Division 4
12 Dec (Wed)Bradley Stoke Squash Club A19v5Redwood PhoenixDetailHistory
12 Dec (Wed)Thornbury D14v8Redland Squash GDetailHistory
Division 5
11 Dec (Tue)University of Bristol Sharks6v17Kingsdown ADetailHistory
12 Dec (Wed)Redland Squash F17v3David Lloyd CDetailHistory
Division 6
No Matches Found
Division 7
12 Dec (Wed)Lansdown D19v0Kingswood - Team VDetailHistory
Division 8
No Matches Found