2018/2019: Mixed Autumn: Week next

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Premier A
17 Oct (Wed)Westbury David Lloyd A13v6David Lloyd ADetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Redland Squash B1v19Thornbury ADetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Redland Squash A6v16Workout Harbourside ADetailHistory
Premier B
17 Oct (Wed)Shepton Mallet A16v4Workout Harbourside CDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)University of Bath 1 v David Lloyd Lovecars History
17 Oct (Wed)Lansdown A16v5Workout Harbourside BDetailHistory
Premier C
17 Oct (Wed)BAWA A7v13Thornbury BDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Lansdown B15v10Redland Squash CDetailHistory
Division 1
17 Oct (Wed)Workout Harbourside D16v8Keynsham ADetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)University of Bath 36v17Weston Squash and Racketball ClubDetailHistory
Division 2
17 Oct (Wed)Chew Valley Winter A v University of Bristol Mavericks History
Division 3
17 Oct (Wed)Thornbury C9v11University of Bath 4DetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Redland Squash E19v2BAWA BDetailHistory
18 Oct (Thu)Kingswood - Team U10v15Yate ADetailHistory
Division 4
17 Oct (Wed)Weston Squash and Racketball Club 25v18Redwood PhoenixDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Thornbury D4v19Bradley Stoke Squash Club ADetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Whitchurch Imperial A2v14Redland Squash GDetailHistory
Division 5
18 Oct (Thu)University of Bristol Foxes5v18Bradley Stoke Squash Club BDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Workout Harbourside E19v6David Lloyd CDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Kingsdown A16v6Redland Squash FDetailHistory
Division 6
17 Oct (Wed)Weston Squash and Racketball Club 39v13Westbury David Lloyd CDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Yate B15v9University of Bath 5DetailHistory
Division 7
17 Oct (Wed)Workout Harbourside F15v9Kingsdown BDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Kingswood - Team V14v9Lansdown DDetailHistory
Division 8
16 Oct (Tue)University of Bristol Conquistadors2v19BAWA DDetailHistory
17 Oct (Wed)Colston1v19Chew Valley Winter BDetailHistory