Notice of Avon County and BaD Squash AGM

    The Avon County and BaD Squash AGM will take place on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at Workout Harbourside, Floating Harbour, Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB.

    Important Notice

    This year's AGM is going to be one to be one of the most important ones we have had for a number of years and your presence would be greatly appreciated.  Please do make it if you can.

    Having spent the past year in office it has become clear that to allow the County to develop, grow the game and participation some things need to change.  The Committee are going to present some thoughts on how we would like to move forward after the AGM.  We have only arrived at the point where a high level strategy has been drawn up that will take a number of years to reach full maturity.  We need your particiaption at the AGM and ongoing to make a start on making this strategy a reality.

    With 6 nominations for the George Morgan Best Junior Award we are conducting an online vote.  If you have not already participated you can still do so until midnight on Sunday 13th of May 2018.  Visit here to participate.

    Seamus Singh, Chairman


    1. 6 pm - Exhibition Match and Nibbles 
    2. 7:30 pm – The AGM

    Exhibition Match and Nibbles 

    The format of the exhibition will be a shootout between 6 players in two groups of three.  

    The players involved have been drawn from the Prem A Division at the end of the last round of leagues.  We have lined up one player from each club in he Division to particpate in the shootout.


    1. Andy Ewings (Lansdown)
    2. Brad Jenkins (Thornbury)
    3. Dave Allman (Redland) 
    4. John Welton (Workout Harbourside)
    5. Richard King (Workout Harbourside)
    6. Luke Bishop (Shepton Mallet)


    1. Seamus Singh (Workout Harbourside) 
    2. TBC

    Matches will consist of a single game each with the winners of each group playing off in a final. Matches will take place on two courts.  In addition to two referees we will be making referalls and appeals available via the 'audience' review with each member being able to cast a vote on the outcome.  The more the merrier for this part of the game.  We are also planning a vote from the audience for some special prize during the exhibition.


    Nominations for elected officers, George Morgan Best Junior Award and Rule Changes have now closed.


    1. Chairman’s welcome
    2. Apologies for absence
    3. Matters arising
    4. Approval of 2017 AGM minutes
    5. County events update
      • Senior
      • Masters
      • Racketball
    6. Boys county development
    7. Girls county development
    8. League participation summary
    9. England Squash (ES) update - what's going on at our NGB
    10. County Associations Network (CAN) update
    11. Treasurer's report Part 1 (current year)
    12. County Development Plan - A High Level Strategy
    13. Treasurer’s report Part 3 (next year)
    14. Election of officers
      • Chairman
      • General Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • League Secretary
    15. Roll of Honour:
      • George Morgan best junior - You may participate in the vote here
      • Jeremy Burns greatest contribution to squash award
      • Most Improved player of the Year
      • SquashLevels Cup
    16. Presentation of the trophies for the mixed division play-off winners and the ladies’ division winners
    17. League reports – Mixed, Ladies, Doubles and Racketball
    18. Proposed Rule Changes
    19. IT update
      • badsquash, boxes, ES Membership tracking, SquashLevels, running tournaments
      • New website
    20. AOB