Avon Squash Thanked For Junior Coaching Support By Chew Valley Squash Club

    Junior Coaching was non-existent at Chew Valley Squash Club but this all changed recently thanks to the support of Avon Squash.
    Resurrecting junior coaching was one of the key objectives for the new Committee at CVSC. It had been many years since there was any junior coaching but getting it up and running again wasn't something that the Club could do on its own and so it turned to Avon Squash for help. New Chair, Brian Pate, contacted Avon Squash who organised for Rich King (their junior coaching representative) to help us out.
    The opportunity to kick-start junior coaching came via a Chew Valley School "Enrichment Day" when pupils are able to try out activities that they've maybe never done before. All of the details were worked out between Rich and Brian and on the appointed day Tim Miller (Lead Coach) spent virtually a whole day (ably supported by a small team from CVSC) coaching students of widely varying abilities.
    This sparked a mini-revival in interest in squash and a band of pupils have been playing regularly at lunchtimes. A big step forward! In addition, led by the school's P.E. team, there have been a few "coaching" sessions after school to try to keep the interest up. However, coaching at the school will now be able to move up a level following yet another Avon Squash initiative. Very recently a Level 1 Coaching Course was run by Gary Batchelor down at Welsh Back. Again with the support of Avon Squash, CVSC had delegate on that course and so now has a qualified coach at the Club for the first time in many a year. This now means that a full schedule of junior coaching has been agreed by CVSC under the wing of the school and free coaching will now take place every last Friday of the month to start with; the aim is to introduce lunchtime coaching in due course too.
    So, the Club has gone from zero junior coaching to a regular programme of free coaching PLUS juniors are now starting to join the Club and get involved in Club Nights and Club Tournaments - great stuff. None of this would have been possible without the input and support of Avon Squash, Rich King, Tim Miller and latterly Gary Bachelor. Heartfelt thanks from all at Chew Valley Squash Club.