ES want your views on the Junior and Senior Inter-County Championships

    Richard Antcliff (Kent leagues) and Nicola Moloney (ES) are arranging a meeting for a representative group of people from County Associations to discuss the organisation of the Junior and Senior (i.e. open age) sections of the Inter-County Championships for 2017-18 and onwards.

    They would like to hear from anyone interested in being invited to this meeting, which will be at England Squash HQ in Manchester at 11.00 am on Tuesday 11 April.

    If you have relevant experience and views, and you feel would make a useful contribution to the discussion, please let me know. It might be a bit far to go to Manchester but if you have opinions please get back to me and I'll forward on so they are included in the discussion.

    This is part of the process of bringing the counties - and therefore the players - closer to the decision making of England Squash. Please be a part of that if you have an opinion.